Since 2006 The barcam, recognising that in its earlier days, received tremendous support from its stakeholders, embarked on an initiative to provide direct funding to individuals and organisations without the hassle of organisational bureaucracy. To date, the organisation has contributed over 40,000USD to various causes.

A list of a few of these recipients is listed below.

   UWI Student Endeavours ? Trip to Jamaica for international service project Self Help United ? Uniforms for the Point Fortin Petrotrin Football League ? 2006.
   Theatre Company ? Staging of Play ? CCA7 Fernandes Compound - 2006.
   Crystal Clear Youth/Sport Organisation ? Start-up Capital for Bank Account ? 2005.
   Crayon Crew/Bench Crew ? T-Shirts for UWI Campus Carnival ?Ole? Mas Band ? 2006.
   Church Organisation ? Prizes for Sports Day ? 2005.
   A.L.I.V.E. Developmental Organisation ? Contribution towards Launch of Youth Programme ? 2006.
   TANGO and CASH Video Production ?September ? 2006.
   Medical Donation ? 2006.
   Diego Martin Junior Secondary ? Personal Development workshops ? 2007.
   A.L.I.V.E. Developmental Organisation ? Contribution towards Football picnic ? 2007.
   Donation (Street Children) ? 7th April ? 2007.
   House re-building project ? 16h April -2007.
   TANGO and CASH Video Production ?April 2007.
   Point in Action Youth Group ? debut HIV/AIDS project (T-Shirts) ? May 1st 2007.
   Grupo Axe Capoeira ? Batizado e Troca de Corda Extravaganza (Graduation) ? 10th-14th July 2007.
   Medical Donation ? 10th September 2007.
   Ozy Majiq Business Recovery ? Manfacture of CD?s, Investment for Radio. Jingle and organisation of Concert 15th September 2007.
   Academic Donation ? 17th September 2007.
   Donation (Street Children)? November ? 2007.
   University of the West Indies Student (Research work) ? November 2007.
   Provided adjudicators ? for the Mayaro/Guagyagure area ? November 2007.
   University of the West Indies Campus Carnival ? 25th January 2008.
   University of the West Indies Student? Plane ticket beween Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago (Research work) ? 19th ? 25th February 2008.
   Sponsored travel assistance to the Vice President of the World Assembly of Youth to attend a conference in Malaysia - April 2008.
   Provided travel assistance to a Trinidadian National pursuing post-graduate qualifications in epidemiology at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica - August 2008.
   Provided assistance to the Guild of Students at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus through the Student Activity Centre Representative - September 2008.
   Provided Registration fee for one volunteer from UWI Student Endeavours to attend a Service Project hosted by the Religious Youth Service (International NGO) in Suriname - August 2008.