Logo Brief

The barcam is an organization founded on December 27, 1989. The organization is based in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. The barcam can be defined as a developmental organization. It is primarily nvolved in the execution of activities and programmes aimed at the development of youth, communities and corporate entities through participation, education, entrepreneurship, the environment, training, the promotion of culture and a variety of humanitarian endeavors. The barcam´s base is located in the Borough of Point Fortin (south Trinidad) and also has an arm in the St. Augustine area (north east Trinidad) with mobile units in Tobago.



The logo of the organisation was designed to reflect the core philosophies of the group. It is a summary of what the organisation is all about.

Nowadays, organizations have got one challenge: RENEW. It’s transform or die.

Every new day is a new chance to improve, looking for excellence while fulfilling the requirements of our clients… and more. The Barcam, as an image of strength and trustworthiness, is in the very right moment for a new proposal, visually attractive and innovative, respectful on the tradition we are founded on and a projection with new emotions looking forward to the future.

Our new proposal is in possession of a vital energy, full of strength and dynamism, action and emotion, which in every chance may raise every one of the values that binds us. The circle, as a graphic element, possesses the capacity of generating a cycle, alive and able to restart at any moment. Joining the primary shape, we have another element which works in a way that it can look like links and probably, a chain. It’s the union and support that we’re providing to the people, our people.

To confirm this, the slogan had to change to adapt itself to this new proposal. It used to be “The struggle to uplift and unify mankind”. However, this idea can be compressed in simply two words, showing more action through the gerund:

“uplifting mankind”. This transforms it into something memorable, brief and euphonic, making it go beyond its time.

The colors are justified through the color psychology. Green is for nature, freshness, vegetation. When something grows it stirs up the hope for a new life.

Green with a tendency for yellow takes active and sunny strength. It gives joy and enthusiasm. On the other side, violet is the color for temperance, lucidity, reflection. When it goes into purple it gives a majestic sensation. Together, they give an additional touch to the memorization of our new brand.

As it is then, the youth that comes from our symbol is the answer to our modern time, a time that won’t allow any holding back.

The BARCAM in uppercase letters has been revitalized. Reading is slower when using caps, no matter how short texts are. The shapes of words set in lowercase provide a valuable cue to readers that helps speed the process of reading.

All caps are usually used for a certain type of emphasis. It is commonly seen in the titles on book covers, advertising, billboards, and in dramatic newspaper headlines.

Short strings of words in all caps appear bolder and "louder" than mixed case. It’s very rude when used in brands, because it may seem as though the word was screaming.

Being so, The Barcam, as a new word that tries to have all those positive meanings, must be written in lower case, to ensure the best development.