How are we organised?

The barcam?s base is located in the Borough of Point Fortin (south Trinidad) and also has an arm in the St. Augustine area (north Trinidad ) and Tobago . Members of these arms participate in the programmes created and governed by departments/organisations.

Lo. Pe. Li. Inc. - stands for Love, Peace and Life Incorporated and is also humanitarian based. Its membership includes members of The barcam as well as persons outside the organisation, who have an interest in one of Lo. Pe. Li.'s programmes.

Anonymous Promotions (commonly referred to as AP ) is the marketing arm of The barcam.

Training and Facilitation Section ? The barcam has developed and crystallised any skills over the years. Many organisations are using The barcam services in Trainer of Trainers programmes and to facilitate workshops and symposiums

The Educative/Developmental Theatre Unit - a best practice of how young people can impact on the pedagogical development of other young people, adults and targeted communities. This goes far beyond the theatre that is used for entertainment and commercial purposes, and provides opportunities for audiences/participants to actively participate in the creative work.

ECO Environmentally Conscious Ones - This group does various environmental programmes. One of the major projects of this group is titled L.I.F.E. Living in Friendship with the Environment, a project that takes best practices of conservation, preservation and restoration to primary schools.

Is devoted to personal and professional development through participation and education. The company uses various participatory methodologies, through which personal and professional development can be achieved.