Why use The barcam?

There have been two dominant schools of thought as it relates to education and development, Child-Centre and Knowledge driven approaches. British educator and theatre director, Garvin Bolton describes the Knowledge centred approach as the teacher or facilitator being the full pitcher and the participant being an empty glass waiting to be filled with information. This approach leaves little room for participation and initiative.

The other view to development has been popularly called the Child-Centre. The emphasis of this approach is on the uniqueness of the individual and their creative potential. Within this school of thought, the facilitator creates an environment that is conducive to the participants? natural growth. It is this approach that The barcam incorporates in its interventions, facilitation and development initiatives.

The barcam utilises a variety of approaches including but not limited to Interactive Simulations, Developmental Theatre, Capoeira and Workshop Games. These participatory approaches are used to bring issues to life and engage participants serving as a catalyst for discussion and to start off plenary. It allows for very powerful engagement and participants are allowed to show initiative because they are empowered by our practical approach.